Dates : 

The exam will be held twice a year in February and September

Registration Rules :

  • Kindly be noted that you have to keep your camera opened during the whole exam duration as the examination system takes screenshots and snapshots to ensure equality, validity and reliability for all candidates.
  • Your face must be visible at the uploaded photo to verify your face for the automated login.
  • Examinees will receive either a pass or a fail grade and no rank will be given. Examinees who receive a fail grade will remain registered as House Officers and will be required to continue their training as such until they obtain a pass grade.
  • Examinees serving as House Officers after failing the exam, who are eligible for mandatory conscription, will have their drafting postponed until they are able to obtain a pass grade or reach the age of 29 years old, whichever occurs earlier.
  • Eligible conscript, who have reached the age of 29 years old, will be drafted as a holder of a bachelor’s degree.
  • Every graduate starting the graduation batch of December 2019 (1st round) is legible to apply to this exam near the end of his mandatory training (House Officer) period. Passing the exam is one of the mandatory conditions to receive the medical license. This rule applies to all Egyptian doctors, whether they studied in Egypt or outside Egypt.

Registration Form

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